Falls Church, Virginia


Why do you race?  What’s better than running around in the woods doing fun things with your friends and then drinking beers afterwards?

How did you come to AR?  Did EX2′s VentureQuest on a whim after running a few marathons and relays and looking for something more.  Ran into Andy Bacon, an old college friend, at the race.  He happened to be training for Primal Quest at the time, told me about it, and invited me to Tuesdays at Wakefield.

How did you come to THT?  Started hanging around TeamHalfwayThere on Tuesday nights at Wakefield in Annandale, VA.  They figured out I’d run forever even if I was a horrid mountain biker.

What do you like about THT?  Why do you stay?  THT still treats racing and recreation as a fun choice for things to do, not a job or an obligation like some teams.  Plus now I just love these folks.

Something you’ve learned through AR that you take with you beyond the race course?  Think, don’t panic.  It’s a lot further till you’re really effed than you think.  Worry about yourself and your team and the competition will take of itself.

Specialty?  Running. Not fast, but forever.  Also constant positive chatter.

Weakness? Constant positive chatter, trust me, this grates on some peeps after a bit.

Favorite piece of gear?  Visors.  And my Specialized Pro Carbon mountain bike shoes.  Nothing improved my riding more exponentially than investing in serious shoes from Spokes, Etc.

Favorite movie?  Almost Famous  

Quote?  “Pool or the pond, pond would be good for you though” – Ty Webb  

Book?  Tortilla Flats, John Steinbeck

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