Arlington, VA

Why do you race?  I like pushing my limits, finding the edge, and doing the seemingly impossible. (cheesy?)

How did you come to AR? Running, biking, triathlons, various endurance events, and one very inspiring THT racer.

How did you come to THWT?  Jeremy Kinsell spent 6 months getting me used to the idea of an adventure race. After Adventure Addicts’ inaugural race, I haven’t looked back!

What do you like about THWT?  Why do you stay?  The unending generosity, moral support, inspiration, and camaraderie of THWT.

Something you’ve learned through AR that you take with you beyond the race course?  Mental strength; the ability to come through at the 11th hour with superhero-like tenacity.

What does the future hold for you and AR?  More races, confidence in orienteering, and becoming a strong fitter athlete.

Specialty?  Even-keel temperament, creator of most delicious Allen Lim inspired goodies.

Favorite race/event that you’ve participated in?  Wild and Wonderful 24 hr, my first full day race!

Favorite piece of gear?  Salomon XA 20 Backpack, it’s one with my back the whole way

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