Burke, VA

Why do you race?  Trying to stay young and fight off the grim reaper. Nothing like competing and sometimes beating the young whipper-snappers.

What brought you to AR?  Like many AR’ers. I started running road races after my non-illustrious high school athletic career ended. Got bored with just running and moved to tri’s. Got fed up with hearing about everyone’s PR in tri’s so I transitioned, no pun intended, to AR.

What brought you to the Team?  Paul needed a replacement teammate for nationals and I was all he could find.

What do you like about the Team?  The friendliness of everyone on the team is amazing. I stay for the chance of seeing Barry in his Jolly Green Giant costume accosting people one more time.

Something you’ve learned through AR that you take with you beyond the race course?  It’s best when you’re really, really lost to take a moment and just calm down. Things aren’t nearly as bad as you might think they are.

What does the future hold for you and AR?  To keeping going until I just can’t physically do it anymore.

Specialty?  None really, I not particularly good at any one discipline. I am, however, excellent at not being able to read a map or being able to fix a flat.

Favorite piece of gear?  My Specialized Epic. Thank you, Spokes, Etc.

Favorite race/event that you’ve participated in and why?  Way back in 2004 or 05 or 06, I can’t remember, racing in the BALANCE BAR 24HR New York Race. We finished in the city, rappelling off the Intrepid at 11 pm and running down Times Square around midnight.

Favorite movie?  Loved Bonnie and Clyde

Favorite musician/band?  Springsteen is my idol.

Favorite quote?  “I do”. Yea from my wedding.

Favorite book?  Fiction: Shibumi;  Non-Fiction: Into Thin Air