Jeff Hyland, Winchester, VA

Why do you race?  At work I feel like I’m in a foreign land.  But I see little glimpses of something; a pair of trekking shoes on a co-worker, a patagonia shirt, one of the janitors with a headlamp on.  And it awakens a yearning in me to be outside fording a river or running through the woods as fast as I can.  Racing rekindles that fire in the belly to get outside, push myself, and enjoy who I’m meant to be.

How did you come to AR?  I was in church and this guy Shane came in.  He suckered me in a weak moment when my defenses were down and got me to commit to racing a Cranky Monkey with him. It was all over after that.

What do you like about THT?  Why do you stay?  The people. Doing something you love with like minded people is a blast.  I absolutely love that my team-mates love this stuff as much or more than I do.  Second, but certainly not least, it’s something I can do with my brother.  We’re both busy with our lives and live far apart.  But racing with the team is something we can do together.  Love you bro’!

Something you’ve learned through AR that you take with you beyond the race course?  If we stick together we can overcome just about any obstacle.  No matter what we face, someone has seen it or done something like that before.  So, if  I see something I don’t know how to do, I can just ask for help.  And my teammates are always willing to lend a hand (with only a little teasing thrown in).

What does the future hold for you and AR?  I’d like to race just once when I’m not injured or sick as I roll off the starting line.  But if not, I’ll still race.

Specialty?  Injuries.  I can sprain an ankle or tear up a shoulder with the best of ‘em.  A close second would be never giving up.  I don’t stop (maybe I should?) I really don’t know how.  I just keep going.

Favorite piece of gear?  First pair of riding shorts.  My wife says only the waistband is intact after all these years, and the rest of the shorts are like paper mache.  I told her that’s what makes ‘em comfy.  (I have to hide them so she won’t throw them out)

Favorite piece of sponsored gear?  Specialized Epic.  First bike I was ever fitted for.  Steve and Ryan at Spokes have been great!

Favorite race/event that you’ve participated in and why?  Shenandoah Mountain 100.  Lots of team members together for several days of camping, racing, beer and a fire at night telling racing lies…  it just doesn’t get any better than that (cue Old Milwaukee theme music)

Favorite movie?  Brubaker – Robert Redford

Favorite band?  Third Day

Favorite quote?  Sylvester Stallone corners a criminal with a bomb in run-down grocery store in the movie “Cobra”.  When the criminal threatens to blow the store up if everyone doesn’t back off Stallone says, “Go ahead, I don’t shop here”

Favorite book?  The Resolution by Stephen and Alec Kendrick