SPOKES, ETC. is proud to sponsor TeamHalfwayThere.  Founded in 1986, Spokes Etc. has now grown into Northern Virginia’s largest bicycle retailer providing great customer service, expert advice, and award winning bicycles and accessories.  Spokes, Etc. can outfit you for your next adventure!

STAN’S NOTUBES is known for numerous innovations in the bicycle industry, including Tubeless Systems, Tubeless Rims, Tire Sealant, Rotors, etc.  These products are used worldwide by racers, Olympians, and recreational riders for their cost and weight advantages!

LUPINE LIGHTING SYSTEMS is distributed exclusively in North America by Gretna Bikes.  Lupine channels fine German engineering into powerful, compact multi-sport lights.  Many on TeamHalfwayThere swear by the Piko series, but Gretna has others to choose from.

POCKETFUEL WHOLE FOOD FUEL is made from 100% natural ingredients found in nuts, seeds and fruits. Each blend provides a natural energy boost helping your body thrive and reach its maximum potential.  PocketFuel comes in tons of great flavors like Crunchy Banana Blueberry.

ADVENTURE ADDICTS RACING is a new adventure racing company jump-started by TeamHalfwayThere’s very own Andy and Michelle.  Adventure Addicts Racing is making the sport more accessible to beginners and challenging for elites.

SPECIALIZED BICYCLE COMPONENTS is what just about every member of TeamHalfwayThere rides.  Be it a carbon frame, hard-tail, full-suspension, 26er or 29er.  Specialized also makes great accessories like the speedzone computer series.

THE RIGHT STUFF is truly better living through chemistry with a touch of space travel.  The Right Stuff is a serious solution to hydration and cramping issues when you need to perform at your best.

CRANK BROTHERS is a big company that still focuses on grassroots racers.  We swear by Crank Brothers’ pedals and other top-tier products.  There’s never enough love for the Cranks.

PACTIMO is the custom apparel that dons our logo and sponsor logos.  Pactimo makes us look fashionable when we need to get the job done on the race course.  Check them!