All Smiles at USARA National Championships 2015

By Dave

Going into this race, rain has been falling in the area for 4 weeks, a hurricane is out to the east and Nor’easter to the north.  It is going to be a wet and muddy 2015 USARA National Championship race in Pineville, KY.  Fortunately, I had the right gear for the 30 hour journey.  My Lupine headlamp had no problem weathering the rain and mud.  Acquired through our awesome sponsor, Spokes, Etc., my Specialized Epic rolled through the mud and streams without a hitch.  Megan rode her new Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Race Gold 29er Wheels and tubeless tires, which saved weight and lessened our worries as we bushwhacked through the race. About making the conversion she said she only wishes she had done it sooner! Thanks to our great sponsor Stan’s NoTubes!

The great gear allows the thing I love the most to happen…teamwork.  As the navigator, the pressure of not making mistakes can sometimes weigh me down and result in more mistakes.  A few hours after having missed a point, I start to doubt myself in our approach to another point.  Megan then reminds me that this is a team and that we have to use all the resources available.  And she couldn’t have been more correct.  Up to that point, I was trying to do all the navigating in a silo.  Having been a hugely successful experience in a race last year, I remember to include all of us in the hunt for the checkpoints.  Megan paces to the next point while Barry confirms features, and I track elevation.  With quite a few teams roaming around in the area, but we land directly on the point and quickly head off to the next one!  We left clicking on all cylinders and never looked back.

Thanks to a great team, sponsors and race community for making another great adventure possible.

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