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From the daily archives: Monday, June 9, 2014

By Jared Before my days of adventure racing, activities at night were limited. In a lighting system, I couldn’t find the right balance between output, weight, and cost. It wasn’t until a teammate introduced me to Lupine lighting systems that I was running, riding, and paddling into the early morning hours with the greatest smile. nike air max homme pas cher Lupine lights are German engineered. Gretna Bikes is Lupine’s dealer in North America. I use the Lupine Piko 3. air max homme pas cher The Piko 3 puts out 900 lumens. I have two batteries (7.2 V), which easily get me through a 24-hr race. The batteries I use are not SmartCore. nike tn chaussure Lupine SmartCore batteries tell the user the power remaining in his/her battery. This feature is tremendously helpful for the purposes of light conservation. lunette de soleil ray ban That said, I do fine without it. Lupine batteries are weather-sealed. Soldes Fjallraven Kanken The Piko 3 has three steps for light intensity. Battery life coincides with duration of respective intensities. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Through experience, I’ve figured out which settings work best for me in a given scenario. For example, when walking on established trail, I use the lowest setting. When riding fire road or bushwhacking, I use the middle setting. Air Jordan 6 Donna I use the highest setting when searching for checkpoints or when riding technically. air max 1 pas cher Lupine lights from Gretna Bikes can be worn overhead like a traditional spelunker’s lamp or attached to a bike helmet. The Piko 3 package comes with a power extension cord, which allows batteries to be stuffed in a jersey pouch while performing. I have been using my Piko 3 for several years and haven’t had a single issue. If you’re in the market for a powerful light for your outdoor pursuits that’s light and powerful, then Lupine will have something for you. But don’t take my word for it.

By Jared Macary

Bikin' and Blazin'

Ever since I jumped on the adventure racing bandwagon, I’ve wanted to do Odyssey Adventure Racing’s (OAR) Wild, Wonderful (WW) 24-hour adventure race. Year after year, however, I experienced a hiccup that prevented me from doing the race. So, in early November of last year, when registration was bantered about amongst team members, I raised my hand. Finally, I would traverse the dramatic New River Gorge and have me some world-class whitewater. Along with my fellow USARA-point hunters Barry, Megan, and Paul, I drove from DC to ACE Adventure Resort in Minden, West Virginia on Friday, May 16. The four of us arrived to intermittent rain and double rainbows. We also arrived to two unfortunate events: A) Paul forgot his bike shoes, and B) the whitewater portion of the race was cancelled. Aaron Murray Jerseys The former was resolved quickly through the kindness of other racers, but the third, took more massaging of the heartstrings. As I’d been looking forward to this race for some time, the notion of starting a 24-hour Easter-egg hunt with intense whitewater was super exciting. When OAR’s race director, Ronny Angell, elaborated on the severely elevated water levels, we discovered that not a single whitewater guiding service would be on the water. We knew then that Ronny and ACE had legitimate safety concerns on their hands. The only recourse for me was to get over what I could not do and focus on what I could.

Pause, Make Map Contact, Enjoy the Scenery

My primary goal for this race was to be consistent. That is, consistency in physical and mental performance over the entirety of the 24 hours. Nike LeBron James 13 I have found that during the wee hours of long races, typically 2-5 AM, my performance and attitude drops. This goes beyond being tired, as I may become short with team members, sluggish, and even oppositional. To combat this in this race, I opted to not have liquid caffeine in the form of soda or coffee. I also ate less sweet foods and more savory foods, which prompted me to drink more water. It always strikes me how hydration correlates not only to performance, but also behavior and attitude. I believe I achieved my goal, which my teammates confirmed in a post-race debrief. Through my efforts, I was able to maintain humor, be an attentive listener, and continually motivate team members. I feel now that I’ve established a baseline for mental performance in long races. Navigation I enjoy OAR races because they are fundamentally challenging. Yes, as a race, there are physical challenges, but Ronny loads his events with decision-making. What I love about the sport of adventure racing is that it requires strategic thinking. It demands that a team determine its own path to success. The best path gives an edge over competitors. I am normally a confident navigator and regarded by my peers. However, in the WW, I was humbled that I still have much to learn. At one point, as I was leading my team north, I lowered my compass from the path ahead. Upon reintroducing it, I found that I was now on a southward bearing. This discovery sent me into a tizzy. Cliff Pennington Baseball Jersey I began blame my navigation tools and the specter of mineral deposits for messing with the magnetism. Nike Air Foamposite Through a series of other errors, my confidence in navigation eroded and I ultimately handed over the responsibilities to Paul. Though disgraced in my own regard, I did not allow myself to be detracted from my personal goals. I again had to refocus. It is essential for every squad to have multiple navigators so that if one experiences fatigue, injury, etc., then another leader can step forward. In taking a step back, Paul was able to carry us forward. Later in the race, I returned to navigation, relieving Paul, and nailed our last checkpoint of the race.

TA to Foot and Hungry for CPs

Team Challenges Communication is key to any successful unity. An adventure racing team is no different. I have been on squads where communication has broken down as a derivative of people getting tired or hungry and frustrated. On this race, I discovered that personalities themselves play a key role to communication. Barry and Paul are good friends, who enjoy training, playing, and socializing with each other. However, in the WW, their personalities conflicted. Barry performs best when he is continually receiving information and able to contribute and act. Paul, on the other hand, uses targeted verbal communication when he’s concentrating as navigator. ray ban pas cher Over the course of the race, as frustrations mounted, Barry and Paul were cognizant of what was happening between them. They worked to put it aside to continually to perform in the race. They also talked at length after the race with Megan and I. I believe that adventure racing is allegoric to many aspects of diurnal living such as relationships and self-care. To see people have conflict, but strive to work it out is how so much conflict in the world should be handled.

Smiles After All the Miles

Lessons Learned
  • Race your own race. At one point, we teamed up with a male duo to attack some points. However, this turned into a longer union late at night. We slowed down to stay together as a group when one of their team members was sluggish. hogan scarpes italia In hindsight, we should have politely moved on.
  • Working on attitude is a collaborate thing. Nike Air Max Italia This is a summation of my personal goals wrapped up with team interactions during the race. You are a team and you need to work together. If need be, stop and have a powwow. If something uncomfortable is lurking, speak about it. If something amazing is happening, too, celebrate it to motivate the team.
  • Don’t give away points and locations. nike air max 1 pas cher On two occasions, late at night, we gave away our location around checkpoints. In one instance, this happened because we stopped and our lights were illuminating features. Think about how to strategically get a point and not give it away. In this instance, one person could have gotten the point, while the others kept moving and thus their lights. To a team at a distance, it looks like you’re still searching.

Results Our squad placed third in our category of 4-person coed. I hope that next year, I have the opportunity to do this race again and tackle some whitewater.