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From the daily archives: Sunday, June 8, 2014

By Megan On Sunday August 10, 2014 I joined TJ Hoff and John Miller for the expert 10-hour Calleva Adventure race. Starting and ending at Riley’s Lock MD, we enjoyed impeccable weather for this fast race. Joe Panik Jersey Before agreeing to join these guys I was a bit nervous about the pace they keep. These are men who run under 3 hour marathons, and regular sub 20minute 5Ks… in other words, FAST. Me… I’m not so fast. I’m a jogger. That’s what I love about 24 hour races, you must keep a pace you can maintain. Needless to say we explored and discussed my hesitation well before the race and the guys assured me that while they would push me to my limits, they wouldn’t blow me up, and we’d find a reasonable pace. I found myself pumped to hit the starting line at top speed and push hard. The race began with a prologue, which I usually hate because, yes- sprinting. But I gave my all and we flew in to receive our passport in 2nd place and happily hit the trails on foot. John’s navigation was impeccable and we hit each CP without hassle. As we transitioned to the paddle portion we got to enjoy stand up paddle-boarding. I ended up with the hard board while the guys had inflatables. I enjoyed paddling while sitting, and glided seamlessly along the top of the water, while TJ unfortunately dragged a not-fully-inflated board through the Potomac. Although we lost some time on the river, we easily attacked the river CPs and headed out on the bikes (our strongest discipline)! We decided early on to take the C&O canal, a longer route, and thought it would pay off with speed. I think we were right with that decision by seeing Shane on the course during an out and back. He was considerably further out ahead of us getting out of the paddle. air max pas cher We knew we where doing well when we again saw the first place overall finisher (Shane) during a unique foot O portion of the race. Los Angeles Lakers During this section, racers were shown a cell tower off in the distance and then told to go and find it without a map. Some racers took a direct bearing through some unbearable brush and undergrowth. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze We decided to take the waters edge and try to find a path. We were able to get ourselves into a field where we could barely see the tower and then began following a bike path. Along the way we asked a few bikers if they were familiar with where the cell tower was, and they didn’t seem to know what we were talking about. new balance 577 femme We knew an access road had to exist so we started looking for a gravel road to get us headed in the general direction. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Once we found the gravel road, it led us straight to the tower. Comprar Nike Air Max Once there, we were greeted by a volunteer who handed us a map and told us “here are your foot O points. By the way your current location is not on the map” At that point Shane (1st over all) and A-List (2nd overall) were arriving at the same time. We knew we had to quickly determine where we were and begin attacking points. We knew we were on a spur and that we needed to get to the creek to use as a point of reference. We took a bit of a gamble and shot down the spur hoping to see the creek. Sure enough we did. nike tn requin We attacked the points with getting hung up temporarily on two of them. One was on a flat area where it was difficult to identify our location on the map and the other was a point in bamboo, which was not obvious by any means. It was terribly frustrating and is probably what made the difference between us winning and getting second in the co-ed division. Upon leaving the second foot-O part of the course I was racing to catch up to my teammates crossing a bridge on the road, before coming to the last hour of the race finishing up on trail. Unfortunately some bad moves between us sent me over the handlebars to the ground, where I busted my left wrist catching myself. I had some choice words, but knowing that time was against us, and historically this race has been un-clearable, I got back up on the bike and managed our last hour on trail, riding nearly one handed, with some interesting pain noises.