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From the monthly archives: March 2014

Red atop the podium

By Megan Mitchell

The morning started off early as Barry and I met up in Falls Church and sped off in the dark, hoping to meet up with Dave and Jared right at 7, so that we could “podium map allocation.” Yah, think about that one…

As we drove along happily chatting, Barry was making up time and we happened to pass a cop on 270, going slightly above the speed limit. Johnny Law shared a little visit with us and then we were on our way again to Black Hills.

We arrived a little behind schedule, checked in, got maps and strategized our race! We had plenty of time to gather and stage gear and prep. The day was warming nicely, into a perfect race day in the high 60s.

The race was a pretty even split between bike and foot portions, approximately 13 miles each. The paddle section was cancelled earlier in the week thanks to our long winter and remnants of ice on the lake.

The race began without a sprint prologue, which made me very happy, but it really made no difference, as we sprinted off the start line to the first two CPs, and then onto the bikes.

Dave Wall and I enjoyed our Specialized Rime shoes during the race. Spokes, Etc. did a quick turn around on Dave’s Rimes the week before the race so he could ride strong and win!! Dave pointed out that “they proved especially useful for the first section of the race where we had to hop on and off our bikes to chase down some CPs.”

After we perfectly attacked the 12 CPs and cleared the first bike portion, we returned to the TA and received the foot-O maps.

Jared was on point as navigator the entire race, with only one minor error, quickly fixed. Barry had his mule-whip out the minute we set out for CP1. He continuously reminded us to keep up the pace and never stop moving, and I tried to keep us motivated by running from Barry’s yelling. It turned out to be a very effective way to keep us moving even during our most tired moments.

Jared pointed out during the race that “if Barry were Santa Clause, he could definitely deliver all the toys to the children in one night!”
During one of those tired moments, Barry was helping a teammate, but things went awry when “some fat-ass broke his tow line”… As he put it.

Nothing but smiles at the end

As we transitioned off the foot-O onto the last bike CPs, we believed there was a good chance we could take top podium so we continued full speed and finished the race in 4:34, 7th overall, and 1st place for 3/4 person coed!

Brake The Habit was a great race, and overall success for Team Halfway There, with Jeremy winning solo male, and TD, Lizzy and Kevin winning second right next to us!

Thanks to Adventure Addicts Racing for another great day in the woods!