Mapboard mounted and ready to roll

By Brian

I love the ease and simplicity of this rotating handlebar-mounted mapholder from

I used this product for the first time the other day.  What a world of difference!  The 9”x 9” is the perfect size for AR. Having the map right in front of me increases speed, ease of use, and is incredibly convenient.

Having my old map case slap against my leg while pedaling wasn’t so bad.  That is until you’ve been at it for 4-6 hours, you’re tired, and the case has hit the same spot on your leg for the 7000thtime!  The map board does away with all that.  One advantage I see with this board over others is the rotation.  It rotates easily to allow you to orient the map as you go.

I definitely recommend this product.  I think the 9”by 9” is the perfect size. Any larger and it would interfere with my shifting any smaller and it would not have enough coverage.  The handle bar clamp is a little inconvenient to close, but once it is, it stays solid.  I think the shipping (almost 20% of the total cost) was steep in an age of free shipping, but the product is still well worth it.


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