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From the monthly archives: June 2010
Spokes, Etc and Kirk’s coaching company Veloworks hosted the inaugural Santa Smackdown Computrainer race. The format was 4 compu-trainers set up in the shop with 4 members racing per trainer. fjallraven kanken españa Kirk had a big screen in the front of the room and the race course was set for Central Park in New York City. Mochilas Kanken Baratas Racers could watch there progress as they raced. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Zwart It was kind of like a great big video game console but with a lot more sweat. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Grijs Beer and pizza were generously provided as well as race shwag for the top finishers. Nike Sko Nettbutikk Anthony and I were the ImONPoint.org and TeamHalfwayThere.com representatives. Women Air Jordan 6 Final results (quoting Kirk’s email): “- Shane pedaled away with a stunning 1st place– on a 29er mountain bike no less! – Colin did the Ironman thing and quietly motored along into second, barely breaking a sweat! – Stacia absolutely killed it with a crushing third! – JimmyMac duked it out with a solid forth! Team Men are from Lars (changed to Men are from Shane, since Lars FAILED TO SHOW;) rode away with the overall team lead (and three in the finals) finishing more than 5 min ahead of the second place Barstucks … Team Just Wone (Justin– we miss ya) and Team Bretstrong who had the best kit all rode like champs too! The fixie community was represented by Spokes own Marc and Chris who pedaled furiously in monster gears and tight jeans (chris) Thanks to Spokes for supporting with pizza and beverages and Julie for a wonderful prize. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Femme Also appreciate the help everyone gave getting the bikes on and off the machines, timing (Kim, Tom, Matt) and other stuff. Mens Nike Flyknit Anyhow … Fjallraven Kanken 7L ridestrong and get ready for next year’s Smackdown …

TeamHalfwayThere had a great showing at Odyssey’s Wild and Wonderful 24hr Adventure Race. Michelle was first for solo-females and 9th overall. Bryce, Christy, Lukas, and Todd finished 5th overall and 3rd in the co-ed elite division. A great weekend of racing in the gorge and another great race put on by Odyssey Adventure Racing. Colin Reusch and Chris Radcliffe of MadRaceMedia was there to capture the action as well.

Photo by Chris Radcliffe, Mad Race Media

Photo by Chris Radcliffe, Mad Race Media

Race Report by Bryce (and Lukas):

The race started out with a sweet whitewater trip, weather was awesome. We had 2 other 2 person teams in our boat, our team seemed to be the only people paddling. I couldn’t even look backwards at a couple of them, they were just talking and letting the water move their paddles. 2nd to last team off the water. Transitioned quickly and left mid pack.

On to the trek, destination to trek out of the gorge. We followed a trail that disappeared and then followed some orange tape (maybe not the best idea) until we realized we probably overshot it. We finally got to the point and were not in bad shape, a few others had some problems. Probably 20th team through. On to the next few points, Lukas guided us swiftly on to them without much problem. On the way we crossed paths with our solo teammate a few times. The last trekking point of this section was optional, we figured it would be best to get it in the daylight as we would probably not get to the others until dark. So we got it and TD got to go for a little dip. We headed back up to the TA and again transitioned pretty quickly, at this point we were in about 15th, slowly moving up.

On the bikes, Ronnie had been telling us that there was going to be a lot of MTB’ing and he wasn’t lying. We had our first climb out of the gorge which got the blood flowing and initiated some heavy breathing. Halfway up we took a trail which made it even more challenging. We hit all the points with a decent pace, slow but good for all the single track as it was tough and our legs were tired. We did have one injunction where the Odyssey directions didn’t fail to meet expectations. We stopped and contemplated for more than 30 minutes the interpretation of “all roads off limits including X, Y, Z” This, to us meant all roads are off limits including, XYZ. (By contemplated, Bryce means we argues heatedly…but it all worked out in the end.) Very tough decision as there was a road section of less than 1km to a fire road and then to the point in 30 minutes to the CP; or a trail that would take us 3 more hours and a sign on it that said no mountain biking. 30 seconds decided our fate, Ronny came to the rescue somehow before we embarked on our way. He read the rules and saw what it said and directed us on our way. We made it to the TA after another short climb in about 14th place.

Transitioned to a trek and we were on our way. This was going to be relatively straightforward trek through one of the many abandoned strip mines in WV. Turned out there were tons of trails and decisions. We moved at a good pace and and kept going, everyone was happy to be off the bikes (for now). Halfway through the trek we all ran out of water except for Lukas’s half empty water bottle that we rationed for the next 2-3 hours. We got to see some sweet overlooks and made it through the trail systems with no problem, catching and passing a few more teams. Got the the TA in about 12th place, another quick TA and back to the bike to head back to HQ for our last 3 legs: Mountain-bike time trial, Orienteering leg, and Bike-orienteering, leg.

So we left in about 12th place for what seemed to be a short and straight forward ride, but it seemed not to be for some teams as we left the TA in 12th and arrived in 4th. We got there and were sort of reenergized with the news of 4th…then we remembered we had a 13mile gnarly singletrack time trial at 2am. This was an awesome ride but the sleepiness, unsteady legs and dark/fog led to a slow and safe pace. We finished it in about 3 hours which we were happy with. Another quick TA and then plotted our next orienteering points which seemed straightforward but widely spaced.

We focused on getting the 2 mandatory points as this is all that time would allow. We made it to them at a pretty quick pace. We did have a run in with a serious set of stinging nettles at the first point, this was a good/maybe not so good wakeup call. Moved onto the next point where we had a run in with some serious thorns/briars along a power line. Quickly turned back and made good time on our way back to TA for the last section.

There were several points on the final bike leg but we knew that we only had time to acquire the two mandatory points. The first was at a radio tower and was a straightforward, but long climb to get. Then we had to ride back down through the start/finish area to a trail that would take us all the way down to the final CP. It was a wicked descent down in a narrow gorge. The point was nestled among some spectacular waterfalls. Of course, we had to climb back out of the gorge to get to the finish. After finishing in 23hrs and 19 minutes we showered up and had breakfast at ACE Adventure resort. Another great race in the books.

Weather was projected in the teens, gusts were over 30 mph and conditions were Icy. This was a great day for a Diet and a fantastic way to kick off the New Year! Shane and I arrived at the Rapidian Wildlife Management area in Shenandoah, VA, at 8:10am for the 9-12 hour DIET slated to begin at 9:00am. Weather on 2 January was projected to be in the teens with wind chill in the single digits. Icy conditions and 5 river crossings awaited. New Balance Soldes I was there to get a great workout and glean a few AR tidbits from Share who was shaking out his gear and plan for NGARs in mid-January After the race brief and a few gear adjustments, we stepped off at 9:20am. We had a solid plan to return within 6 hours as we both had commitments later in the evening. CP 1 We made it to checkpoint 1 without incident. kobe 11 pas cher However, what we thought was supposed to be the pink tape marker did not have the required word/message written on it. Nike Air Max 90 Dames After searching for 15 minutes or so, we decided to move on to CP2. We found out later that no words were required at CP1. Careful reading of the passport would have told us that. CP2 A series of river crossings were required from CP1 to CP2. Solde adidas As we approached the first major river crossing, the teams were scattered in various states of crossing. Some were crawling across logs and others were scouring the banks for a suitable crossing area. As the clear veteran of the two person team, Shane quickly surveyed the shoreline and made the decision to slog through the water. However, I was reluctant to get my shoes soaked in that weather with another hour plus projected on the bike. After too long a time searching for a suitable crossing, I pulled my shoes and socks off and waded through. Denver Nuggets Subsequent water crossings were completed much faster by shoes and sock removal method. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Note to Shane, thanks for your patience. nike air max 2017 dames Blauw Note to self, just suck it up next time and wade through) CP 3 and 4 – Transition to Trek. Miguel, hot soup and hot cocoa welcomed us at CP3 where we transitioned to the trek. The trek consisted of 4 locations labeled A,B,C and D. nike tn rose femme After bagging A-C, it was after 1:00pm and we made a decision to skip D due to our commitment to our 6 hour cut off. Back to the TA area and we were off. CP5 After CP4, we hopped on the bikes and headed down the hard ball to CP 5. Nike Air Huarache Uomo We quickly made CP 5 and realized we may have a little extra time and CP 7 wasn’t that far away. What the hell, we decided, let’s go get them. CP6 and 7 After accidently passing CP7, we made it to the base of the mountain where CP 6 was. Although a trail wound to the hilltop, we made the decision to stash our bikes and make a bee line for the top. We quickly made the ascent to CP6 and were able to see CP 7 from the hilltop. CP 7 was located without incident. CP 8, 9 and finish CP 8 and 9 were right off the hardball and we picked them up as we made the 12-13 mile bike back to the start. This was pretty much a straight shot, however the events of the day had begun to catch up with me. I was a lot slower than I expected on the ride back and will need to work on my nutrition plan next time. Thanks to Michelle for putting this together, Todd for assisting her with course setting, and Miguel for hot soup, hot chocolate and a warm vehicle.