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From the monthly archives: May 2009

We are about 10 days out from our next race – Odyssey Adventure Racing’s Wild and Wonderful.  Jeremy does a great job of capturing the essence of the race in his post below.  For this race, we will field two full four person co-ed teams: Halfwaythere.com (Jeremy, Lukas, Nate and Christy) and Halfwaythere.com Werewolves (Brian, Aaron, Bryce and Andi).  Additionally, we are also part of an “adventure race team outreach program” – (combining resources with another team), I am racing with Yoga Slackers Mark, Sara and Luther – look for us as Halfway Yoga.

Follow us online through the Checkpoint Tracker website:  www.checkpointtracker.com or go directly to the race at: http://www.checkpointtracker.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.showDashboard&eventID=163


I look forward to this race every single year and it’s my 4th time braving the New River gorge.  Odyssey always puts on a good great race.  If they had a “backyard” this would probably be it. 

WWAR 2006 – My first long adventure race, after completing the Odyssey Adventure racing camp, finished with 4 minutes to spare for a 10th place finish.

WWAR 2007 – Luke had some heat issues and was sick for the back half of the race.  That day Luke and I started our reputation as a “never quit” group of racers as I towed and he cramped for about 6 straight hrs.  Our extremely tough third place finish (and Luke’s never say die attitude) remains my proudest racing moment.

WWAR 2008 – Always willing to leave a little bit of ourselves out on the course, Luke does an endo a few hours in and fractures his collarbone (we would learn a week after the race).  We were racing with Towanda…and short of a bone sticking out, they’re a “rub some dirt on it and race” couple of gals.  Luke races for 12 more hours with the fracture, I end up getting sick, seeing Doc Whartley, and not remembering any of the night segments of the race.  This 5th place finish was probably the funnest I’ve had in a while (maybe because I don’t remember much of it). 

WWAR 2009  - Luke and I are back for more, with Nate and Christy…I’m a little leary of what we may have to overcome to bring it in this year.  I’m dying for a podium finish this year and we’re going to push ourselves to the limit to get there.  At hr 70-something and mile 290-something Nate, Luke and I (along with Shane, Andy, and Victor) were running in the finish at E-FIX, so I know we can dig deep and bring this one home.  We’ll have at least two teams there, HTW-Werewolves and our team.  I think we may have a few soloists, or even a third full co-ed team.